Axelent develops cable trays for the benefit of electricians  - Axelent Wiretray

Axelent develops cable trays for the benefit of electricians 

Westbo Elteknik serves Axelent’s premises with electrical installation and as a partner it was natural that they started using our cable tray range. The company installs cable trays in Axelent’s own facilities and at other customers around Sweden. We met Emil Ileby for an interview at Axelent’s premises, where cabling is currently in full swing. 

What is the most important requirement from your side when choosing a supplier of cable ladders?


For us electricians, flexibility and agility are the most important! The products and especially the accessories from Axelent feel well thought out and we have also been able to influence products where we have seen potential for improvement.

One example of this is the sandwich element (one of our wall brackets), where we needed more hole patterns. Axelent listened to our proposal and made some adjustments to the product. It feels good to have this close cooperation that resulted in me standing here today and assembling these plates that we developed together. This is something that is extremely appreciated by us.


What advantages do you see with Axelent as a partner that distinguishes us from other suppliers of cable trays?

Fast deliveries and
the close contact. Axelent is innovative when it comes to attachments in that one product can be used in many different ways and for many different solutions. Minimizing the number of components makes everyday life easier for us electricians.


What is the main advantage of our range?

I use the cable trays
almost every day when involved in some kind of service work in industries and the need to solve cable routes in a smooth way. The advantages I would say lie in the accessories and the amount of different possibilities you have with the help of them in different environments. Nothing is impossible and only the imagination puts a stop I would say!