Certifications X-Tray is tested and approved

X-Tray is a premium product developed to cope with very demanding conditions. To guarantee the highest quality, the cable management system is continuously tested and meets the very highest requirements in the industry.

Certifications IEC 61537

IEC 61537 is an international standard that serves as the industry standard for cable trays and equipment intended to carry or accommodate cables. X-Tray meets the very highest requirements for cable management according to IEC 61537.

Certifications E90 Firetest

We carried out the test at IBMB (Institut für Baustoffe, Massivbau and Brandshutz) i Brauswieg, Germany. IBMB is a prestigious, independent testing institute that issued the approval in accordance with the DIN 4102-12 standard. X-Tray has been approved at the highest class, E90.

Certifications Equipotential bonding

In some installations the wire tray needs to be equipotentially bonded. This is to secure protective bonding or functional bonding. Our cable trays are tested for equipotential bonding in compliance with IEC61537.

Certifications EHEDG Member

Axelent is one of the 1,300 members of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group. With our membership, we want to show that we care about you and the products that are produced in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

With safe products that are carefully adapted to specific environments, it becomes easier for you as a customer to choose the right one and focus on what is produced.