Axelent Wire Tray Cable trays with the longest spacing between support brackets

The X-Tray cable management system offers endless possibilities and is a unique concept for smart cable management.

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Axelent Wire Tray Working with professionals has advantages

Many years of experience and a desire to deliver one of the industry’s most complete cable management systems have laid the foundation for the range we offer today.
  • The market's largest selection

    X-Tray offers the market's strongest and widest range of cable trays, with several different surface treatments.

  • Longest spacing between support brackets

    Unique for X-Tray cable trays are the strong joints. This enables the market's longest console distance, i.e. fewer attachment points both during purchase and installation.

  • Smart and flexible

    In our modern, flexible machine park, we can customize and produce exactly the wire trays needed for each unique project. Don't let standard measurements limit you!

  • Fast deliveries

    Our standard range is often sufficient and always available in stock, therefore we can always offer fast deliveries!

Installation Easier installations without compromising on strength or quality

If all the other advantages are not enough to convince you in the choice of wire trays, then choose X-Tray for the sake of installation. We have developed every single detail so that you, the customer, will notice the difference when you install our cable routing system.

  • Easy adjustment of lengths

    With help of our wire cutting machine, wire trays can be easily be cut and adapted to each unique installation.

  • Bend the wire trays into place

    The wire trays can be bent and easily adapted and shaped according to the conditions.

  • Fast installations

    Thanks to fewer fasteners and a smaller number of parts, installation can be completed faster.

  • Only one type of bolt

    For assembly, only an M8 bolt and two tools are required: bolt cutters and a 13 mm wrench.

About us We are a part of Axelent Group

The formation of Axelent Wire Tray is an investment in our range of the cable management. X-Tray, Axelent’s own brand for wire trays, has the market’s widest range, both in terms of material and function. X-Tray is now produced, stocked and sold via Axelent Wire Tray AB. We are located in Hillerstorp but deliver wire trays all over the world, to both small and larger projects.

Certifications Tested and ready to prove

X-Tray is a premium product developed to cope with very demanding environments. To guarantee the highest quality, the cable management system is continuously tested and meets the very highest requirements in the industry.