Daniel Filipsson

Wired for growth: Axelent Wire Tray’s strategic path in cable management

Daniel Filipsson began his journey at Axelent in 2011 and entered the product segment of wire and cable trays in 2012. Initially, his role was primarily focused on sales, but in recent years, he has taken on more product responsibility. Today, Daniel is a salesman in the Swedish market for Axelent Wire Tray but continues to be involved in product responsibility. Daniel has shared more about Axelent Wire Tray in relation to growth, customer journey, industry trends, positioning, and competition.


Axelent Wire Tray expands and futureproofs for customer needs

Preparations are already underway for the construction of about 2500 square meters of new warehouse space at Axelent Wire Tray in Hillerstorp. The new building is expected to be ready for occupancy during the winter of 2024. Jim Sundgren, factory manager at Axelent Wire Tray, talks about the investment and what it will mean for them.

Robots, the sustainable industry and the people

Humans and machines have been connected at least since the industrial revolution in the 18th century, and much longer than that. Now some are starting to worry that the balance between us and our technological tools is shifting, as AI, robots and computers form an increasingly efficient and potent mix.