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Business areas Cable management developed for different areas of use

From the outset, the development of X-Tray has focused on creating a premium brand within cable routing systems. We have created a premium brand with regard to ultimate design, functionality, materials and service. We appreciate customers with high demands because it enables us to continously develop tailored solutions.

Have you thought about…
  • Which surface treatment is required for ISO-51?
  • Is it required that a cable ladder is always grounded?
  • How is the bearing capacity affected at different temperatures?

Extensive logistics are used to deliver material to a platform. Should a product be missing when working on a platform or ship this can often be remedied with the products you have with you.

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For installations that require fire safety, X-Tray has E90 certification. X-Tray has been tested and approved for equipotential bonding. Our wire trays are also perfectly suited for use in EMC-sensitive areas.

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X-tray i infrastruktur

In telecommunications and data centres, high demands are placed on handling a large amount of cables. Structture and order is required, but also a type of open cable routing so that electrical equipment of this type does not overheat.

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serverrum trådstegar