X-Tray cable trays have one overarching task: to keep cabling organized  - Axelent Wiretray

X-Tray cable trays have one overarching task: to keep cabling organized 

X-Tray cable trays have one overarching task: to keep cabling organized. For all industries and adapted to all specifications, the range needs to be broad and well thought out.  An Axelent cable tray is easy to customize and install, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing – all in one, based on your needs.  

cable trays with white cables

If you need to collect cables during an electrical installation, Axelent has a solution for you


With one of the market’s strongest and widest range of cable tray for all industries and with different surface treatments. In short: if you need to collect cabling, X-Tray always has a solution for you. 

X-Tray is available in a variety of sizes, designs and finishes: 

  • Galvanized, where there are no corrosion requirements
  • Hot dip galvanized
  • Stainless steel 304, without finishing
  • Acid-proof 316
  • Black zinc, to match black machine guards or other fittings (as well as the possibility of powder coating in any color).

What should you consider when the need for cable tray arises?

We have gathered some points to consider – strength,
customization and cost – to help you make a better choice.

Strength: Often the joints are the biggest problem for the strength of a cable tray but Axelent’s cable tray have the strongest joints on the market. This allows for the longest bracket distance on the market, meaning fewer attachment points during both purchase and installation. The important thing to consider, in terms of strength, is your future needs. 

Customization: It’s the details that make it, and this is also the case when it comes to cable trays. Axelent’s fittings and accessories have all the subtleties that must be experienced to realize the difference between a quality and a mass-produced simple product.
Axelent also helps with quick customized solutions as we are not just a “shelf product”, like other producers. Customization can also be about aesthetics – choosing the cheapest tray may not be optimal – qualitative is the model! 

Cost: Look at the total cost, i.e. the price of the whole project, rather than focusing on the price per cable tray or per meter. Axelent’s cable tray and fittings are strong and therefore need less fixing. This makes the project more cost-effective, not only in terms of purchasing, but also because the installation is much faster. And then, of course, quality products last longer and are easier to keep clean.