We are passionate about building lifelong relationships!

We in the Axelent Group consist of several different companies but the basis of what we do is the same; we want to be a lifelong partner who does business with the heart. It could be described as on a journey of life with our customers and partners, and being part of that journey is what we are passionate about.

Interview with our CEO Jonatan Liljedahl Doing business with the heart

The common denominator for all companies in the Axelent Group is that the driving force should always be that every customer and supplier is seen and heard. With us, no part of the business is left to chance. It is just as important for the customer to be successful as it is for us to be successful.


What does it mean for you to do business with your heart? How would you explain that concept?


I associate doing business with the heart with a long-term approach. If you don’t do that, but are just looking to do quick business and don’t value building relationships, it might work once or twice, but not more. When we think about the customers we work with and do business with, I think we do it on the basis that you should be able to stand for everything in that contact. It’s about building up trust between them. This helps to ensure that you don’t have to get bogged down in so many details because you’ve already built up trust, so it solves many issues automatically. It’s basically about security – that we can trust each other.


Axelent Group All companies in the Axelent Group are passionate about building lifelong relationships

We are there when the first idea for a product comes to life, when feasibility studies, product development, prototypes and simulations build the foundation for something new.  We are then there when the actual product can be produced through complete production lines and automation solutions, but also through efficiency improvements and development. We also protect the people who will then be involved in creating the products or working around machines and production lines.

Through innovation and design in all our products, we want safety in everyday life to be a matter of course. When production develops or the company expands, we help with the relocation of machines, modification of existing safety solutions and the flow in your new premises.

After a completed project, we are also there afterwards through service, support or just to be a safe partner to ask for advice. We don’t just want to do business, we want to build relationships that last a long time, even a lifetime!

Testimonials To be a customer to us at Axelent Wire Tray should be imbued with safety

Safety is to be sure that you have chosen a specialist

Safety is to be sure that you have chosen a specialist. That’s why we offer a growing range of great products. Always have, always will.

We develop products with the assembler in mind

Safety is being able to feel secure at your workplace. That is why we develop products with – as the assembler in mind. And we always will.

The Axelent Group works for a sustainable and enduring future

– Recycling and reuse are key concepts for meeting sustainability challenges. For Axelent, it has long been a fundamental part of the entire business operation. “By extending the life of our customers’ products, we contribute to continued economic development while we jointly reduce the burden on the earth’s resources,” says Sandra-Stina Vesterlund, member of the board of Axelent AB. ”   

Our history

The story of Axelent is an inspiring journey filled with success and perseverance. It all started in the 1990s in Hillerstorp, a small town in Småland, Sweden.

In 2010, Axelent introduced a new product range in the form of cable ladders. Europe’s most modern production facility for cable ladders is inaugurated and Axelent thereby expands its product range with cable ladders.

In 2021, Axelent moves out the sale of cable ladders and a new company is created – Axelent Wire Tray.

Sponsoring that makes a difference

Sponsorship is part of Axelent’s DNA. Our sponsorship has always been based on a passion or an interest of our owners. We see being part of the good society as self-evident and important, as we are all involved in shaping the society in which we operate.

For us, sponsorship is not only done to be seen, as far from all the sponsorship we do is noticed or seen, but it is done with the heart and that will always be important to us at Axelent.