The Axelent story, A success story in security and innovation - Axelent Wiretray

The Axelent story, A success story in security and innovation

In the ever-expanding world of industry and manufacturing, there are companies that manage to stand out, not only through their products and services, but also through their ability to change the industry and its norms. We at Axelent like to think we are one of those companies. With strong courage, passion and the desire to contribute to something bigger, Axelent has from the start had a vision and aspiration to contribute to and deliver security in a new and innovative way.

The story of Axelent is an inspiring journey of success and perseverance. It all started in the 1990s in Hillerstorp, a small town in Småland, Sweden. That’s where it started, the vision of creating a safer working environment for people who work with machines and industrial process.

With a strong desire to improve safety and minimize the risks of accidents and injuries, the development of innovative solutions to protect people and equipment from dangerous situations began.

Over the years, Axelent has continued to grow and develop its product range. We have introduced innovative solutions such as X-Tray, a flexible and easy-to-install cable ladder range, and X-Rail, a smart fall protection system. These products have not only proven to be a success among customers and partners, but have also contributed to strengthening Axelent as a complete supplier of safety and protection solutions.

Today, Axelent is a global corporate group with establishments in over 60 countries worldwide. It has been an enormous journey, from the start in Småland with 6 employees to today having established itself globally in the world with over 350 employees. It is a journey that all of us at Axelent are proud and fascinated by. Developing and growing is in the company’s DNA and something that all employees at Axelent experience and learn from daily.  We usually say that we at Axelent are like one big family. Nowadays, the family is becoming quite extensive, but we have still managed to maintain the feeling of togetherness and participation which we value so highly, we call it One Axelent.


The story of Axelent

1990 Axelent is founded
In 1990 Axelent was founded by the Axelsson brothers Folke and Helge, together with their sons Stefan, Johan, Per-Åke and Mikael. The name Axelent is inspired by their shared surname, Axelsson.

1991 – 1993 The family grows
In 1991 Axelent’s products starts being sold in Denmark through an agent, and in 1993 the first foreign establishment is in Germany. About ten years later Axelent founds a separate company there, Axelent GmbH.

1999 The family grows
The family expands as Axelent starts a company in France.

2000 New form of ownership created
For the first ten years the four cousins ran Axelent, but in the fall of 2000 Johan and Stefan bought out the remaining cousins from the company. Stefan was then 30 years old and Johan 23 years old. They decided that they needed to bring in an extern CEO, which became Mats Hilding, who also became a partner in the company. Since then, they have worked with different areas of expertise, Mats with purchase and finance, Johan with innovations and Stefan focusing on market and sales. They have always worked towards a united company and combining their skills. Early on, they had a clear vision that the company would become globalized.

2001 Sales take off
Johan, Mats and Stefan make their first deal together on March 1, 2001. By now, the company has a turnover of barely 60 million and is established in ten countries.

2002 The family grows
Axelent England and Axelent USA are welcomed into the family. In 2003, Axelent also establishes itself in Belgium.

2005 Axelent Engineering
In 2005 Axelent acquired the subsidiary Axelent Engineering which focuses on automation of production processes, which is instrumental in order to successfully deal with large volumes. Before the acquisition, Axelent Engineering went by the name Hestra Automation which was the result of a merge of Nittorps Mekaniska and Hestra Mekaniska

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2008 X-Guard is launched
The groundbreaking product X-Guard is born, a flexible and modular protective screen that quickly became an industry standard. The unique design and high quality of X-Guard opened doors for Axelent.

2009 The family grows
Axelent is established in Spain.

2010 New product range in cable management
The product range is further expanded with cable ladders and Axelent inaugurates the most modern production facility for cable ladders in Europe.

2010 The family grows
Axelent Australia is welcomed into the Axelent family.

2013 Nothinplaketten
Mats Hilding, Johan Axelsson and Stefan Axelsson receive the “Nothinplaketten” Sweden’s most prestigious award among entrepreneurs in the Finnveden region.

2016 Expansion continues
The Japanese office opens and sales pass 50 million euros. Axelent Tecnel (today known as Axelent Italy) is now fully owned by Axelent.

2018 Named a super company
Axelent is named one of the country’s super companies by the business magazine Veckans Affärer and is also honored as one of the best performing private companies in the Swedish business community by the Bisnoden network.

This year, Axelent Safe-X also becomes part of the Axelent Group

2020 The family grows
Axelent opens its own logistics center in Bangkok, Thailand. Axelent Group now has over 300 employees and operates in nearly 50 countries.

2021 Axelent Solutions
Axelent Engineering breaks out one of their offerings in PML and software sales and is split into two companies, Axelent Solutions AB is created.

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2021 Axelent Wire Tray
Axelent outsources the sale of cable trays, and a new company is created – Axelent Wire Tray.

2022 Launch of impact protection
We launch a unique impact protection system called X-Protect. It is a range of modular impact protection for warehouses and industry, and is the latest addition to Axelent’s range of workplace safety products.

2023 New CEO
Karin Sandén Ahlqvist is appointed as the company’s new CEO.