Axelent Wire Tray has signed an agreement with Haberkorn Poland - Axelent Wiretray

Axelent Wire Tray has signed an agreement with Haberkorn Poland

“Poland stands out as a compelling and pivotal market for cable trays, with a particularly significant impact on the landscape of food machinery production. We are confident in the robust capabilities of Axelent Wire Tray, especially its compelling offerings tailored for this dynamic segment. It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce Haberkorn as our strategic partner for this market. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Haberkorn brings a depth of knowledge and a longstanding relationship with the Axelent family. Their expertise positions them as an ideal collaborator to navigate the intricacies of the Polish market. We firmly believe that this partnership will unlock substantial opportunities for us in Poland, allowing us to further enhance our presence and cater to the unique needs of the cable tray market, particularly in the realm of food machinery production” says Jonatan Liljedahl, CEO at Axelent Wire Tray.


“The collaboration between Haberkorn Sp. zo.o. and Axelent Wire Tray presents a great opportunity for all of us. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of their products in the Polish market. Collaborating with Axelent Wire Tray is a significant achievement, and the possibility to sell such excellent quality products is a testament to the recognition from the Axelent Group. It brings us joy that such a renowned company trusts us as partners and has faith in our ability to represent them in our home country. We are also confident that wire trays will be as successful as other products offered by Axelent, such as X-Guard and X-Store. I’m personally thrilled to share this journey of cooperation with Axelent,” says Arkadiusz Jurczyk, Haberkorn Poland.


If you need cable trays in Poland, don’t hesitate to reach out to Haberkorn who gladly will support you with this.