Our products are designed for those who install them - Axelent Wiretray

Our products are designed for those who install them

Our high-quality cable trays and cable management systems are developed with a focus on being adapted to those who will install and assemble them.

Axelent Wire tray

Already at the design stage, the actual use and the challenges that may arise during installation are considered. By understanding the needs of those who work with the products, we have developed smart and practical solutions that facilitate the installation process. Components are designed to fit together smoothly and be easy to adapt, minimizing assembly time and making it easier for installers.


Our customers are always central in influencing how we develop our products; they are the experts on what the needs are so that they are both efficient and safe to install. Safety is to be safe in and on your work. That’s why we develop products for those who install them. And we will always do that.