Certification E90 Fire test

During a fire it is important that certain things maintain their functionality. This could involve the activation of alarm system, emergency lighting, sprinkler system and smoke detectors, or other things that could save lives during a fire. This could be a long list. It is always a good for wire trays to withstand a fire for as long as possible.

The German DIN 4102-12 standard is used for testing this, a standard that is designed to test complete systems of wire trays, accessories and cables. Wire trays and cables are put in an oven and heated for 90 minutes until the temperature has reached 1000 degrees Celsius.

To be approved the cables must still be in a usable condition. Approval comes in three classes: E30, E60 and E90, this is for how many minutes the wire trays and cables are still functional.

X-Tray has been approved at the highest class, E90. We carried out the test at IBMB (Institut für Baustoffe, Massivbau and Brandshutz) i Brauswieg, Germany. IBMB is a prestigious, independent testing institute that issued the approval in accordance with the DIN 4102-12 standard. The trays, brackets and cables were approved together. We have tested several batches of wire trays in combination with several different cables.