Cable trays developed to meet the highest hygiene requirements

Creating and maintaining a premium brand in cable trays installation requires compliance with regulations and requirements – of course – but also going the extra mile to stay ahead of the game. For this reason, Axelent is a member of the renowned EHEDG, which stands for European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group.

Certified cable trays

Certifications are common in this industry. It is proof that the company or product meets and fulfils requirements such as safety. Certifications from EHEDG, which deals with hygiene, are becoming an increasingly common request. EHEDG also spans several areas as EHEDG requires that products, materials and even designs used in the food and pharmaceutical industry are recognised as safe.

Axelent’s membership in EHEDG

The EHEDG consortium is a European non-governmental organisation that aims to promote hygienic design and food technology for its more than 1300 affiliated members. The aim from the start has been to secure the production chain so that a more controlled product reaches the end consumer. This is done through standards, recommendations and certifications, written and developed by members from different fields: the consortium includes equipment manufacturers, food industries, research institutes and public health authorities.

EHEDG is today the most global player in the field – the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is well known and respected, but EHEDG’s standards are now considered leading even outside Europe.

With its membership in EHEDG, Axelent wants to show that as a company it cares about ensuring the hygiene of its products in every way and maintaining the highest standards. The more controlled and regulated the food industry becomes, the safer the products that reach the end consumer.



  • Founded: 1989
  • Headquarters: Frankfurt
  • Number of members: 1300
  • Translation: European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group.
  • Works on: Ensuring hygiene in the food industry.