Much more than an ordinary wire tray  - Axelent Wiretray

Much more than an ordinary wire tray 

Axelent X-Tray is much more than an ordinary wire trays. Traditional cable management solutions often require major adjustments, with extra detail products needing to be purchased. Processes that almost always take time and cost extra. X-Tray ladders require no special tools and are easily adjusted as needed. The flexible wire trays can be adapted quickly and built around ventilation or other specific requests. Simple solutions where you avoid unnecessary extra work. 


close-up on many wire trays

Axelent offers tailor-made wire tray kits


Many of the market’s solutions for wire trays are very standardized. Often fixed trays are sold by the pallet – even in Sweden. Unlike most competitors, Axelent offers customized kits with X-Tray. The flexible wire trays are useful in all industries. X-Tray is just as easy to implement in workshops as in offices, in the food industry or on oil platforms. If there is a need, Axelent has the solution!

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