Infrastructure - Axelent Wiretray
X-tray i infrastruktur

Infrastructure X-Tray is the perfect solution in buildings, tunnels and mines

For installations that require fire safety, X-Tray has E90 certification. X-Tray has been tested and approved for equipotential bonding. Our wire trays are also perfectly suited for use in EMC-sensitive areas.

For tunnels, mines and places that require an extra strong routing system, we offer our C and G trays that provide extra cable protection. These trays also guard against falling rocks and other objects. If greater bracket spacing is required, we have extra strengthened C trays that cope with up to 6 m between the brackets.

X-Tray is the perfect solution for hospitals, airports, railway stations, schools, sports halls, etc., and we have the products and the expertise to install them.

  • Provides project support with specialist knowledge of infrastructure
  • Tailored products and solutions for infrastructure
  • Long support distance, up to 3 m, gives fewer brackets to fit and a cost-effective installation
  • Tailored products for fitting hoses and pipes