Food & Clean Room Wire trays suitable for spaces with high demands on cleanliness

To meet the high demands put on the food industry and other clean rooms, together with the industry we have developed a well-functioning cable routing system. The products are also adapted to the installation of pipes and hoses. Wire trays are well suited for use in clean rooms. They have next to no dust traps and no holes where bacteria can thrive. They are easy to vacuum or clean with water. The support brackets and parts have very small surfaces where grime and dust could settle.

  • Provides project support with specialist knowledge of clean rooms
  • Tailored clean room products and solutions
  • Long bracket spacing, up to 3 m, gives fewer brackets to clean and a cost-effective installation
  • 304L and 316L wire trays are always in stock
  • Tailored products for fitting hoses and pipes
  • Specially designed brackets welded on site when required