Axelent Wire Tray's strategic path in cable management

Wired for growth: Axelent Wire Tray’s strategic path in cable management


Market Potential How do you view the growth potential for Axelent Wire Tray in the current market?

I view our market potential positively. We have the best quality for these products while also having one of the largest assortments of wire trays. So, I would say that it offers promising future prospects. We want to get more users to try our products to then realize their advantages. Wire trays themselves are a product segment with increasing demand, as there is a need for practical, safe, and aesthetic solutions for cable management.

Daniel Filipsson

Expansion Which markets or segments do you identify as key areas for future growth?

For us, machine builders are our main focus going forward. They are, of course, close to our hearts as we have these customers within the Axelent group at large, but it is also an industry that we have learned a lot about and are well acquainted with, and understand their product requirements. With expensive machines, high demands are also placed on the cable trays that should be around the machine, that they can be integrated smoothly, with flexibility options and quick installation, and at the same time blend into the overall project aesthetically and practically. Since we sell machine protection at Axelent, we have many synergies there by wanting to reach the same type of customers.

Then, the food industry, as well as the energy sector, are important customers for us. We have a lot of stainless steel in our inventory – which these customers demand as they have high hygiene requirements, and these cleanliness demands around the manufacturing machines are only getting higher and higher each year. This also includes the cable trays and their surface treatment. We have developed entire product categories for, for example, the food industry that meet their high demands on cable routing; this product group is called Z-trays.

A third customer group with great potential for future growth is the telecom and data industry. Here, the need involves station mechanics, data rack nodes, and broadband sheds. Here, we have the qualitative and stable U-beam stand in our range.

Customer Journey

Customer Experience What does a typical customer journey look like from first contact to completion and after-sales at Axelent Wire Tray?

It looks very different since we have such varied types of customers, ranging from end-users to wholesalers. But in summary, we proactively engage customers in selected segments with the goal of arranging a product demonstration that showcases our advantages so that the customer gets a better understanding of the products’ benefits and strengths, which is best achieved by testing the products and installing them in real environments. Simply comparing products on paper is not the same. Then, we place a lot of emphasis on offering complete solutions for our customers.

Customer Engagement What strategies do you use to engage and retain customers over time?

We offer quick service and have many items in stock to be able to offer fast deliveries, which we see is important for our customers. We have in-depth knowledge of the range and have also learned what the customer needs by always listening to the customer’s needs. Being able to offer installation-friendly products that meet what they are looking for helps us retain them over time.

Feedback and Improvement How do you collect and use customer feedback to improve your products and services?

We always start with the premise that we follow up and listen to our customers and their feedback about our products. We listen to questions about desires and can develop new products, including custom products if needed. We have always had the flexibility and ability to adapt and adjust existing products uniquely for each customer.

There are also situations where customer inquiries for special solutions have become part of our standard range. We learn a lot from our customers and want to continue to take in their experiences of using our products.

Industry Trends

Future Outlook What trends do you foresee in the industry, and how is Axelent Wire Tray preparing for these?

We are seeing an increasing trend towards smaller wire trays in terms of size, as well as special designs for certain environments. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, the demand for hygiene is becoming higher. Overall, we see a demand for simpler installations where safety is always in focus, and the management of cabling is central.

Innovation and Technology How is your industry affected by technological advancements, and how do you adapt to these changes?

Our industry is undergoing continuous changes driven by technological advancements. To keep pace with these developments, we focus on streamlining installation processes without compromising stability and safety. By introducing solutions that enable faster installations, such as by increasing the distance between supports, we aim to maximize efficiency while maintaining the highest possible safety and quality standards. This involves a careful balance where each component is properly secured to ensure a reliable installation.

Customer feedback plays a central role in our adaptation process. By actively listening to the needs and wishes of our customers, such as electricians and installers, we ensure that our new products not only meet industry standards but also cater to our customers’ specific requirements. This customer-centric approach contributes to continuous innovation and improvement of our products and services.

Sustainability How do you integrate sustainability aspects into your sales strategies and products?

Our strategy for integrating sustainability into sales strategies and products is multidimensional and focuses heavily on material selection and energy use. A significant portion of our materials, especially the steel, is sourced from recycled sources. We aim for our products to be almost entirely recyclable, contributing to a circular economy and reducing our ecological footprint.

Energy consumption is another crucial aspect of our sustainability strategy. We are working towards the goal of producing as much energy as we consume, creating a balance that is sustainable for us and valuable for our customers.

Then, customers use so-called building product declarations as a tool to review and select products where sustainability has been carefully considered. These declarations contain detailed information about the environmental impact of the products and help them choose the most sustainable options. The criteria for sustainability are becoming more numerous and comprehensive, and we place great importance on meeting these to ensure that our products and processes are as sustainable as possible.

Positioning and Competition

Market positioning How do you see your position compared to your competitors in the market?

We see ourselves as a bit of a challenger in the industry where we take business when our colleagues reduce the breadth of their range. We have the best products and work hard to broaden our range. Once potential customers have tested our products, I dare say that almost all of them choose to become returning customers to us.

Competitive advantages What unique advantages or strengths do you think Axelent Wire Tray has over its competitors?

We have a long and solid knowledge of the industry. We also currently have the best and largest range of wire ladders. We also have a close relationship with our customers and adapt to the times with constant product development. Because we have strong products that require very few other accessories and quick installation, our offer is cost-effective, which is one of our strengths. With strengths such as the longest bracket distance and fastest splicing, we stand out in the market.

Challenges What are the main challenges you face in the market right now?

One of our challenges is to reach out to the end user to get them to try our products, because only then do they really realise the difference and benefit of our products. We work hard to get potential customers to test the products through sample kits, product demonstrations and trial offers so that they also take the opportunity to really test new products. But we see the potential to grow in the market with the quality and smart overall solution that we offer.