We have a wide and well-thought-out product range  - Axelent Wiretray

We have a wide and well-thought-out product range 

In order to successfully meet the market’s demands, high requirements and adaptations to various industries, a broad and well-thought-out range is required.

Axelents cable trays and data rack assortment

Our product range consists of cable trays, data rack systems, fittings, brackets, accessories and tools. Axelent’s range is developed for smart, quick and easy assembly. 

The wire tray system X-Tray is a premium product that meets the high requirements for cable laying systems according to IEC 61537. 

The data rack system X-Rack is one of the market’s strongest and most flexible open rack systems. With the help of U-beams and a few accessories, you create a data rack that you can design according to the equipment you want. It is possible to build so that the equipment is attached at the front edge, in the middle or both at the front and rear edge. The depth and height of the rack is easily determined using the length of the U-beams. 

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