The strongest quick joining on the market - Axelent Wiretray

The strongest quick joining on the market

Introducing the unparalleled strength and simplicity of the X5 joints for Axelent Wire Tray cable trays where engineering meets efficiency at its best. Elevate your cable management system with features designed to streamline installation and enhance durability.


  • Unrivaled quick joining strength
    The X5 joints boast the strongest quick joining capability on the market. Experience confidence in every connection, knowing that your cable trays are supported by the pinnacle of joining technology.


  • Simplicity redefined – one bracket, one bolt
    Forget the hassle of juggling multiple components. With the X5 joints, all you need is a single bracket and one bolt to secure a connection, making assembly straightforward and time efficient.


  • Maximum support distance
    Set new benchmarks with the longest support distance available on the market. The X5 joints extend the intervals between supports, reducing the need for additional hardware and minimizing installation time.


  • Flexible joint placement
    Tailor your cable tray system to fit any space with the optional placement of joints between support brackets. This flexibility allows for a customized fit in any environment, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.


  • Smart packaging for easy access
    The X5 joints come in smart, stand-up pouches with a convenient zip lock. This thoughtful packaging ensures your components are protected, organized, and accessible, streamlining the installation process.


  • Ready to assemble – no calculations required
    Say goodbye to the tedious computations and prep work. The X5 joints are ready to assemble straight out of the package, making your installation process as efficient as possible.


  • Simpler than ever
    While competitors bog you down with lengthy instructions and complicated assembly processes, the AWT system is designed for ease. Just assemble and go, saving time and eliminating frustration.

Choose the X5 joints for your Axelent Wire Tray cable trays and embrace the future of cable management – where strength, simplicity, and efficiency converge to create the ultimate system.