Sponsorship that makes a difference

Sponsorship is part of Axelent’s DNA. Our sponsorship has always been based on a passion or interest of our owners. We see being part of the good society as obvious and important, as we all help shape the society in which we operate.

The goal of all our sponsorship is to make a difference for the sponsored individual or team, to give them greater opportunities to practice their sport or activity. Among those we sponsor, we find everything from more famous names like timber athlete Ferry Svan, to HV71 and Thai boxers Moa Carlsson and Kenny Hong, rally talents like Eddie Ramirez Eriksson or STCC talents Calle Bergman and Isac Aronsson. The list could be long, but the foundation is about being part of fantastic development journeys and being able to contribute to the journey of their continued sports careers.


We also sponsor many individual events of various kinds, ranging from sporting events or competitions to grants for associations in various ways. We sponsored the figure skating association in Värnamo to help save the association.  We sponsored the Midnight cheerleading team in Värnamo so that these young talents could go on their dream trip to Florida in the USA and compete. A trip that became a reality in May 2023 where the entire team with coaches could follow. For us, sponsorship is also, as in these cases, about giving back to society in different ways.

The JU World Solar Challenge is another fantastic project that we are sponsoring. The JU World Solar Challenge involves a team of students from two faculties at Jönköping University building a car powered entirely by solar energy. The car they designed and are currently building from scratch will be taken to Australia this fall to participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, which is the world’s largest and longest race for solar-powered cars.


But we do not only sponsor sports or associations, but also charities. In Egypt, we have been involved in the opening of an orphanage (DGSS) which today has about 40-50 orphans from all over Egypt. Tappra barn is another foundation we sponsor that raises money for vulnerable children through various events and fundraisers.


For us, sponsorship is not just done to be seen as far from all sponsorship we do is noticed or visible, but it is done with the heart and it will always be important to us at Axelent.