Why is SS-EN ISO 12944-2 important for cable management?

The selection of material/coating is affected by several factors. Humidity and salt in the air have a major impact, and in certain environments, there may even be substances that have properties that considerably shorten the lifespan of the coating, which must be considered.
That is why it is important to establish the corrosivity and corrosivity class according to SS-EN ISO 12944-2 in order to select the coating.

Here is a recommended material/coating guide for choosing a material/coating that has a long lifespan and as cost effectively as possible

Wire trays in Zinc plating
Zinc plating involves the application of a thin layer of zinc that provides a basic level of protection. According to standard: SS-EN ISO 2081:2008, DIN 50961, DIN-EN 12329

Wire trays in Sendzimir
A method for hot dip galvanising of sheet metal. Often called galvanised steel. According to standard: SS-EN 10327:2004

Wire trays in Hot dip galvanisation
Involves the application of a thick layer of zinc by dipping the steel into a heated zinc bath. If damages occur to the surface, the zinc has the capacity to repair itself.
According to standard: SS-EN ISO 1461:2009, DIN 50976

Wire trays in Zinc/Nickel
Zinc/nickel is a thin coating that contains 12-15% nickel and has the same qualities as or somewhat better qualities than hot galvanised. Used on many of the accessories where it is important that narrow tolerances will be maintained, for example for screws and nuts.
According to standard: SS-EN ISO 11997-1, DIN 50979

Wire trays in Stainless 304L
Material is 304L, EN-no 1.4307, acid. X-Tray has no accessories in 304L; rather, they are always 316L.
According to standard: SS 2352 / AISI 304L

Wire trays in Stainless 316L
Material is 316L, EN-no 1.4404, and is pickling by dipping it into an acid bath, this creates a surface without contamination that is easy to clean. Appropriate for use in environments with high demands on hygiene, for example the pharmaceutical and food industries.
According to standard: SS 2348 SF / AISI 316L