Highest Standards in Cable Management Systems  - Axelent Wiretray

Highest Standards in Cable Management Systems 

Exemplifying the Highest Standards in Cable Management Systems

In the industrial landscape we set a new benchmark in quality and safety. Engineered for excellence our cable trays are a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety, reliability, and high industry standards.

Out certifications and standards compliance

Axelent’s dedication to superior quality is evident in the adherence to stringent certifications and standards. The X-Trays is continuously tested and meets the highest requirements in the industry, ensuring unparalleled safety and reliability.


E90 fire test – IBMB, Braunschweig, Tyskland

Our cable trays has undergone rigorous E90 fire testing conducted by the independent testing institute IBMB in Braunschweig, Germany. Achieving approval in accordance with the DIN 4102-12 standard, the X-Tray has been approved at the highest class, E90, confirming its superior fire resistance and safety.


Membership in the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG)

Axelent’s membership in EHEDG underscores our commitment to the food and pharmaceutical industries. This affiliation ensures that our products align with the stringent hygienic standards required in these sensitive sectors.


UL Certification (Underwriters Laboratories)

This prestigious certification is a mark of quality, signifying that our cable trays meet the highest standards of safety and reliability. We take pride in the fact that the X-Trays meets the highest level of UL certification, a clear indication of our commitment to excellence.


 IEC 61537 compliance

As an international standard for cable trays and equipment intended to carry or accommodate cables, IEC 61537 represents the industry benchmark. The X-tray assortment fulfills the highest requirements for cable management as per IEC 61537, showcasing its global compliance and reliability.

Opting for the Axelent Wire Tray is a decision to prioritize safety, reliability, and compliance. Our certifications and EHEDG membership reflect our dedication to offering products that not only meet but exceed the normative standards of industrial safety and efficiency.