UL certified cable trays - Axelent Wiretray

UL certified cable trays

UL certification is a mark of quality that guarantees the highest standards of safety and reliability of a product. UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories and the organisation has recognised scientific expertise whose mission includes certifying products to create a safer place for both workers and consumers. This certification is proof that Axelent Wire Tray wire trays meet the highest standards – something we are very proud of!

The vision of the UL certification was to give our customers another proof of quality and a security for you as a customer in choosing the right supplier of wire trays. The UL certification involves a comprehensive process of testing and loading of the product that ensures and guarantees that Axelent Wire Tray’s wire ladders and fittings achieve the highest industry standards. The products are tested for both the US and Canada against the standards;

  • NEMA VE 1-2009-Metal Cable Tray Systems
  • CSA C22.2 No. 126.1-09-Metal Cable Tray Systems


We constantly strive to offer solutions that combine quality and safety, and the UL certification is therefore an important milestone in our quality work. See our certificate here.