IEC 61537 - Axelent Wiretray

Approved cable trays by IEC 61537

IEC 61537

“This International Standard specifies requirements and tests for cable management systems intended to support and house cables and other electrical equipment in electrical and/or communication system installations.”


The strength of the wire trays and mounting devices makes installation easy, strong and economical. The bracket spacing can be increased, making installation easier and reducing overall costs.


In our diagrams we show the recommended load according to IEC 61537. These values multiplied by 1.7 give the maximum allowable load.

Fulfils the requirements for equipotential bonding

The IEC 61537 standard also sets out the requirements for a wire ladder to ensure electrical continuity, including impedance not exceeding 50 mOhm across joints or 5 mOhm X number of metres of wire tray. X-Tray is tested and fulfils the requirements of IEC 61537. The tests are made at SP with test report numbers PX16030 and 5F015879.

Recommended load

close-up on many wire trays