Our cable trays reaches new heights with UL certification 

We have pushed the X-Tray  brand to new heights as we recently championed the process of acquiring the prestigious UL Certification. This achievement is not just a testament to Axelent’s unwavering dedication to quality but also a significant milestone that underlines our position as pioneers in the realm of cable management

The certification is more than proof; it’s a promise — a pledge to deliver products that resonate with the highest echelons of quality, innovation, and expertise. It’s an invitation to experience that cables don’t just exist; they perform function and reliability. 

Axelent Wire Tray doesn’t just meet expectations – We surpasses them with a diverse range of products.

Axelent Wire Tray is more than just a company; it’s a leader in organizing and managing cables effectively.Our illustrious array of cable trays, living under the celebrated banner of the X-Tray brand, are crafted with a singular mission: to bring order to the chaotic world of cables. In a landscape punctuated by the relentless demands and the quest for innovation, Axelent doesn’t just meet expectations; we surpasses them with a diverse and meticulously designed range of products. 

The X-Tray assortment is fortified with a certification that echoes reliability and adherence to rigorous industry standards.

The journey towards the UL Certification was driven by a vision. The certification doesn’t just cover the basics; it is a comprehensive tableau of continuity and loading tests, embracing the full spectrum of the X-Tray product ensemble, including a special mention of X-Tray for X-Guard (our cable trays adapted to the machine guarding assortment). 

What does this mean for stakeholders navigating in the industry?

The UL Certification stands as a beacon of trust and a hallmark of unmatched quality. Clients can now navigate their projects with a newfound confidence and the assurance that Axelent’s X-Tray assortment is fortified with a certification that echoes reliability and adherence to rigorous industry standards. 

With a dedicated team poised to unravel any complexities

For insights, clarifications, or a deeper dive into the nuances of this certification, the gates of communication are wide open, with Jonatan Liljedahl and Daniel Filipsson at the helm, ready to guide, assist, and enlighten. 


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