Axelent Wire Trays expansion proceeds according to plan

In December 2023, the board of Axelent Wire Tray approved the investment in the property on Rocknevägen 12, i Hillerstorp. The investment, which is extensive for the company, includes both expanded production space and a completely new warehouse, an expansion of a total of 2500 square meters. The initial schedule of moving in during the winter of 2024 has been significantly improved and the company is now aiming for a move during the end of summer of 2024.


Jonatan Liljedahl is CEO of Axelent Wire Tray and talks about the expansion and what this means for the business.

– In recent years, Axelent has carried out several construction projects with a group of contractors and it is impressive to see how this interaction provides business benefits for us as clients in the form of fast and smooth processes, says Jonatan Liljedahl, CEO of Axelent Wire Tray. As soon as the decision was made, the process started, and the first machine was in place within one week. Since then, it has continued and we have had relatively favorable weather, which means that we are now looking forward to taking the premises into use during the summer.


– For the business, it will provide a much-needed addition of space but also an opportunity to gather the organization under one roof. We currently have some people who work in the warehouse that we rent from Axelent, but with the move, we can gather everyone in one place and get an even greater focus on the business, says Jonatan.