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Axelent Wire Tray in the United States

Axelent Wire Tray in the United States Axelent Wire Tray is further increasing its focus on the US

Carl Wiberg is joining us in a role focused on developing and growing the Axelent Wire Tray presence in the region by identifying and engaging with potential customers, targeting infrastructure projects such as the developing offshore wind sector in the US, but also applications within food processing. Carl’s background in the wind industry as well as in industries supplying food and beverage manufacturers, makes him well situated to grow our customer base in the US.

Carl Wiberg

I am excited to join the Axelent Wire Tray team. With the high-quality products we offer I see there is a real opportunity to provide customers in the American market with cable tray solutions that will save them time and money in installation and maintenance. Especially in more demanding applications where the stainless assortment will be ideal” says Carl.

”Since the inception of Axelent Wire Tray, the U.S. market has consistently remained our foremost focus. The current state of our business reflects the effectiveness of our system in catering to the needs of clients within demanding industries. The inclusion of Carl, with his extensive experience in both the wind and food industries, aligns seamlessly with our strategic objectives. We extend our best wishes to Carl for continued success and eagerly anticipate witnessing the progression of the journey ahead” says Jonatan Liljedahl, CEO at Axelent Wire Tray.