Axelent Wire Tray expands and futureproofs for customer needs - Axelent Wiretray

Axelent Wire Tray expands and futureproofs for customer needs

Preparations are already underway for the construction of about 2500 square meters of new warehouse space at Axelent Wire Tray in Hillerstorp. The new building is expected to be ready for occupancy during the winter of 2024. Jim Sundgren, factory manager at Axelent Wire Tray, talks about the investment and what it will mean for them.

Axelent Wire Tray’s range of cable trays was removed from Axelent AB in 2022 to be sold in a separate company in the Axelent Group.  In connection with this, they moved into their own premises in Hillerstorp. The company Axelent Engineering previously had parts of its operations at this address before moving them to Gislaved.


– Therefore, this move coincided with the fact that we needed our own premises for Axelent Wire Tray when we became our own company, says Jim.


At present, the premises are about 1100 square meters in total and contain only production and offices. With the new premises, the warehouse will also be in the same place, which is currently located at Axelent AB. Two of Axelent Wire Tray’s warehouse employees also work there and will move to Axelent Wire Tray when the construction is completed.

– Bringing all our operations together in one place will create synergies between office, warehouse and production in a completely different way. The fact that we are close to each other will promote our efficiency and give us a stronger sense of belonging to the company to which we work for.

A small part of the new premises is also dedicated to production space, but the largest part is for storage space. Some practical preparations are already underway for the construction to be completed by the end of 2024. In connection with this, Axelent Wire Tray also plans to expand its machine park with another machine next year.

– We are doing this to create an even more flexible and efficient production. This entire initiative to gather our operations is about being able to offer even better, more efficient and customized solutions. Because we are a smaller company, this merger makes us even more tightly knit, efficient as a team, which gives us a stronger position on the market. Making this investment is also a prerequisite for being able to grow even more in the future, which is our goal.

At present, this expansion will be done with the existing workforce, but as Axelent Wire Tray grows, it is in our vision to also expand our team. The future offers great opportunities for growth and to attract new talents to our company.