We are expanding our range of cable trays to the Benelux market.

Axelent Wire Tray announces new partnership with Theunissen Technical Trading

During the end of 2023 Axelent Wire Tray came in contact with Theunissen Technical Trading in Benelux. Theunissen Technical Trading has been active since 1984 and is offering premium products and technical support to the market within offshore, marine and industry.

“As soon as we had established a first contact with Axelent Wire Tray, we recognized the exceptional proposition this company has to offer to the market. As we also saw that the products were complementary to some of our other brands, like our Swedish supplier MCT Brattberg, we started to seriously consider a cooperation with this interesting company.” Says Henk Volmerink, director of Theunissen. He continues, “Axelent Wire Tray is known for its dedicated focus on wire trays, due to which they can offer a very broad range of accessories. Where most suppliers tend to size down part numbers, Axelent Wire Tray is steadily widening its assortment of accessories based on customer feedback.”


What does this new partnership mean for Axelent Wire Tray?

“The Benelux market holds significant promise for cable trays, particularly within the realms of food machinery production and the offshore industry. We are confident in Axelent Wire Tray’s robust offerings in this domain, alongside others. It is with great satisfaction that we announce our partnership with TTTBV for this market. With their extensive industry experience, I have no doubt that TTTBV will help us unlock substantial opportunities in Benelux.” Says Jonatan, CEO at Axelent Wire Tray


Next months, Theunissen Technical Trading will start approaching companies to assess their demands and preferences about cable support systems.