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Telecom & Data Data racks for data centres

A telecom and data centre is packed with cables. This is electrical equipment that generates a lot of heat. There are requirements for cooling air to pass freely through open cable routing. Electrical equipment and cables are changed continuously. There are high demands on space and accessibility around the racks and cabinets. Orderliness is crucial in this environment.

X-Tray can offer a unique system together with a genuine knowledge of the requirements of telecom & data centres and server rooms Our wire trays, in combination with our U-Bar system, provide solutions that meet the requirements. X-Tray enables you to install cable routing at different levels to separate different types of cables. Above the server rack as well as under the raised floor (computer floor).

X-rack U-Bar system with unlimited combination possibilities

Our unique U-bar system offers limitless combinations. We have solutions and equipment for building your own 19” rack. Accessories like horizontal and vertical cable ducts give you an open rack with ample working space around it and free passage for cooling air. All parts of the system are compatible with each other and it is easy to assemble the installation together into one unit.

We possess the expertise and the products for installing in small terminals specially designed for the distribution of telecom and broadband in small communities and rural areas. With accessories like radius limiters, separating plates and telecommunication chutes we can offer a turnkey solution for cable routing and server racks.