Saw Mills & Farm Stables - Axelent Wiretray
Axelent Wire tray sågverk och djurstallar

Saw Mills & Farm Stables Sawmills and animal stables are challenging environments for cable trays

Saw mills and farm stables are usually very dusty environments. This makes them highly attractive to vermin like rats and mice, therewith putting great demands on the installation of cables and electrical equipment. X-Tray has specially designed products to meet these needs. One prime example of this is the possibility of installing wire trays vertically to minimise dust traps and spaces for rats and mice to move about in.

Damp environments and aggressive chemicals like ammonia, etc., are not unusual in saw mills and stables. For these environments, X-Tray has hot dip galvanized and stainless steel products in 304L and 316L.

Milking and washing areas in stables usually require stainless installations. For this we have 304L and 316L material. Extra strengthened trays for support distance of up to 6 m are available.

  • Provides project support with specialist knowledge in saw mills and farm stables
  • Tailored products and solutions for saw mills and farm stables
  • Long support distance, up to 3 m, gives fewer brackets to fit and a cost-effective installation
  • Tailored products for fitting hoses and pipes