Paper Mills & Chemical Industries - Axelent Wiretray
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Paper Mills & Chemical Industries X-Tray has a range of different materials to withstand aggressive acids in the environment

Industries like paper mills, chemical plants, surface treatmentplants, oil refineries, etc., usually have a high content of aggressiveacids in their environment. X-Tray has a range of materials for the different needs. Hot dip galvanized, stainless steel in 304L or 316L are the materials best suited for such environments.

Some constructions are rapidly destroyed and have to be replaced at regular intervals. Production and process lines are complex constructions and can be expensive when standing idle for service and maintenance work. X-Tray’s ingenious solutions bring maintenance and service work down to the absolute minimum.

One good example of this is a paper pulp production line where the wire trays and electrical installations need to be replaced. The time-consuming job of mounting cables and electrical equipment can be done on the floor next to the machine while the production line is still in operation. The new equipment can then be lifted into place in one piece and the machine only needs to be switched off when mounting the new cables. A job that normally takes two to three days is completed in just a few hours.

  • Provides project support with specialist knowledge of paper mills and chemical industries
  • Tailored products and solutions for paper mills and chemical industries
  • Long support distance, up to 3 m, gives fewer brackets to fit and a cost-effective installation
  • Tailored products for fitting hoses and pipes