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17 March, 2023
We have the strongest joint fitting on the market! 

The fitting which provides an unbeatable combination of speed and strength

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10 March, 2023
Our trays are properly tested and certified to meet safety standards

The following are the steps involved in testing and certifying cable trays

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6 March, 2023
Our cable trays cope with the IEC61537 standard  

IEC 61537 plays an important role in the quality and safety of cable trays.

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17 February, 2023
Why is SS-EN ISO 12944-2 important for cable management?

The selection of material/coating is affected by several factors.

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10 February, 2023
Our packaging is specially designed for a smarter installation 

A big advantage for the installers to simplify their job

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6 February, 2023
In what kind of location can the cable tray be used? 

We have a lot of experience of different kind of environments for the cable trays.

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26 January, 2023
Cable trays developed for several different areas of use 

Customers with high demands enables us to continuously develop tailored solutions

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19 January, 2023
Our cable trays are tested and approved 

To guarantee the highest quality the system continuously tested.

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13 January, 2023
We have a wide and well-thought-out product range 

Our products are developed for smart, quick and easy assembly.

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5 January, 2023
Organizing cables is the overall mission of cable trays 

You can easily fix the installation on your own with our unique and flexible products.

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29 December, 2022
We have a great understanding of cable management 

You can safely trust that our wire trays meet the requirements for your installation needs.

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21 December, 2022
Tailor-made solutions developed for you 

Regardless of the type of business you run, we find unique solutions that suit

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13 December, 2022
With our knowledge and service you save a lot of time 

We have long time experience about how the process in the cable management business works

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